Lea Ann gives workshops in Loving What Is - The Work of Byron Katie which  varies from 2 1/2 hour classes to weekend retreats.

Presented with the kindful© presence and sense of fun from someone who has done this Inquiry since 1994 -   

    these classes and workshops are often life transforming.  


Want more peace in your life?  More clarity and kindness?

Come to one of these!

"Inquiry appears to be a process of thinking, but actually it's a way to undo thinking."  Byron Katie 


Monthly Class in Uptown Minneapolis, MN

April 12th, 2015

Anyone can attend

Sunday March 8th, 2015

1:00 - 4:00 pm



 in Uptown

please register:

Email Lp@LeaAnnParadise.com

or call 952-443-2727


Ask about joining a monthly ongoing class with the same participants coming each time and a yearly commitment.  

One Friday/month or one Sunday /month.

Email or call Lea Ann for information.



"As long as you think that the cause of your problem is "out there" - as long as you think that anyone or anything is responsible for your suffering - the situation is hopeless.  It means that you are forever in the role of victim, that you're suffering in paradise." byron katie



August 28, 29, 30th 2015


 4 PM Friday to 2 PM Sunday


Limited to 10 participants.

$625.00 includes the Workshop, 

and lodging in the Condo.

($495.00 if 50% is paid by March 1st or earlier)

We will have a Sail, Boat, or Ferry Excursion! (*depending on availability)


A Fun Weekend Retreat Workshop in beautiful 

Bayfield, Wisconsin on Lake Superior.


   In this workshop we will use Inquiry to find the truth behind our confusion and misconceptions that hurt us most ­ ­- whether it’s relationships with partners, parents, children, money, bodies, or anyone or anything.

 We will take a look and get some peace and clarity.

Come join in an Undoing Weekend in a fun and loving environment.


Open to Everyone new or experienced in Inquiry.

To Register:
Email Lp@LeaAnnParadise.com

or call 952-443-2727


Do you believe what you’re told?

Do you believe what you see on TV?

Do you believe what you read?

Do you believe everything that pops into your head?

The mind appears to have a running discourse, a story, concepts, thoughts, beliefs – and just like what you see on TV or read or someone tells you –-you do not have to believe it. Yet it often seems So true and real and solid and insistent.  And the thoughts and stories that hurt, that take away your peace and happiness – these can be investigated by you and found to be something entirely different than what you once thought.

Marge is so full of herself.  Bob thinks he knows it all.  I don’t have enough   (fill in the blank).   I have too much______.   People who don’t see things my way are delusional, less than, not very smart.  More is better.  Less is better…  -  My children are not or will not be okay…  These are some thoughts that come - just to begin the endless marching list.

It can be challenging to notice the beauty and wonder of the world around us with mind stories coming in and preventing our ability to see and be present to what Is here.

And the mind just keeps asserting and reasserting these concepts Until

 – You take a Look

This is Inquiry – like the wisdom of Socrates –

And anyone with a mind open to it – can do this.

Step back and take a gentle, clear, good look. 

You will find an internal kindness blossoming that happens in perfect timing like the opening of a flower, in this gentle, open, welcoming, kind space, meeting wonderful you. This way of meeting belies it's power, come and experience it. 

What a Wonderful way to find presence, clarity, and movement. J

Begin to find a way to use the mind in creative pursuits for example, rather than the mind leading you by the nose. Begin to notice your capacity to love and be loved.

This weekend you can come to a lovely place on earth – the entrance to the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, and with a small group of friends, begin or continue the journey of inner looking and find more clarity and peace.

Please let me know if you want to join us!

Everyone is welcome.

Retreat workshop and condo on Lake Superior included. 

$495.00 with half paid by the 1st of September.

$625.00 after September 1st.

Contact me at 952-443-2727 or email to Lp@LeaAnnParadise.com

www.LeaAnnParadise.com   See Workshops and Purchase Page on the website.

Love to you,

Lea Ann Paradise