Lea Ann has been a facilitator of Loving What Is, the Work of Byron Katie for about 20 years now. 

If you want an authentic experience of this work,

 come to one of her classes or workshops or work with her one on one. 

The Work is a way to identify and then question the stressful thoughts that cause the suffering in the world.

If you want clarity and peace in your life. If you want to feel happy again,

 this work can get you there if your mind is open to it.

The four questions of The Work, can change your life. 

Loving What Is, The Work of Byron Katie is a process that clears the mind. 

Simple, radical, and life changing; 

The Work is one of the most powerful methods ever devised to end human suffering.

Everyone can do The Work, all that is needed is a desire to re-know the simple truth that is you.

The manual for doing The Work is the book Loving What Is.