Monthly Open Classes

$ 45.00 USD

2 1/2 hour Classes in Self Inquiry - using the process of The Work of Byron Katie.  Four Questions that can change your life. Add the date you are attending in the information or note section when you check out.


Bayfield Wis Weekend Retreat August 28, 29, 30th 2015 (495.00 if 1/2 is paid by March 1st) or earlier

$ 625.00 USD

Give yourself a loving, heart and mind opening weekend on amazing Lake Superior. Undo stressful and limiting thoughts using self inquiry and enjoy the company of a small group of fun people! Includes the workshop, and condo. We will do a sail, boat, or ferry excursion.  See the Workshop Link on the home page for more info.


Bayfield Retreat Partial Payment

$ 248.00 USD

The price for the 2015 Bayfield Retreat is 495.00 if 50 % is paid by March 1st or eaarlier. 

Use this link to pay that downpayment. 


Feng Shui Essentials - Annie Wilder's Spirt Filled House Hastings MN

$ 39.00 USD

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science of creating balance and harmony in our lives by the effective management of our environment.

Our space is a reflection of our lives,  because we are connected with it.

In this Introduction to Feng Shui you will learn how its principles can be used to affect that connection and help you improve your life in such areas as wealth, partnerships, health, creativity, family, life path, and more. Save your seat in this interesting class in the fun and intriguing venue by purchasing today.

 Annie Wilder's House of Friendly Spirits

Hastings, Minnesota




Kindful Conversation Session with Lea Ann

$ 90.00 USD

In this session you are skillfully facilitated to help bring you peace and clarity. You will be heard and understood, guided and given all the space and time you need or want to come to more presence in a kindful loving way.      

Invest in moving forward toward a sense of joy in living a fulfiling ife using your talents and dreams.  


4 weeks of inquiry

$ 324.00 USD

Continuity in inquiry can bring more to light and deepen the experience. The gift of more clarity and peace. Four one hour sessions -one per week for a month. Begin any time.


Feng Shui Consultation

$ 300.00 USD

A Feng Shui Consultation with a professional will give you lasting and useful information about where exactly the energies of life are located in your space, and what you can do to make changes that increase the harmony and balance in your life. How can I get more of what I'd like and less of what I don't using Feng Shui principles?

You can find out what are good colors for you and arrangements that are pleasing and harmonizing - your space is a reflection of you. Make it the most supportive it can be! And don't guess. Have an expert come to your home or office.  With thousands of years of practice behind it, Feng Shui is eye opening, fun, and life changing.

Give yourself this gift of understanding and come away with tools you can use to create a  space that supports you and who you want to be. Can even be used if you want to sell your home - how to beautify and energetically let go.


Four Pillars Chart

$ 90.00 USD

What is your personal element based on the chinese 5 element theory? The four pillars refer to your day, month, year, and hour of birth. With this chart the hidden elements are revealed and you will know what your Lucky elements are to help bring balance and harmony into your life. 


One hour Private Facilitation

$ 90.00 USD

Lea Ann facilitates self inquiry one on one- using The Work of Byron Katie. The same price applies for couples.      In the office in Victoria, MN, on the phone, or e-video (Skype, Google etc.)



Retreat Partial Payment

$ 300.00 USD

Peace, clarity, and fun.


Destiny Card Reading

$ 63.00 USD

Learn what your card is in the deck of cards. What does it say about you? What about your moon card? How do you relate with a loved one, or family members,or a person of interest? What does this year hold for you?  It can be very revealing and definitely fun!


Peace and love :)

$ 40.00 USD

A supportive mini session.