I’ve been facilitating “TheWork” with myself and other people ever since I first encountered it in 2004.  However it wasn’t until I attended an intensive workshop with Lea Ann Paradise that I discovered the depths that could be encountered through this simple inquiry. 

 Lea Ann sticks to the format and holds space for the Inquirer to discover their own answers emerging from within them resulting in a profound sense of expansiveness. Having experienced and witnessed the skillful way Lea Ann does The Work has helped me to bring my Inquiry to the next level and to discover just how powerful The Work can be in dismantling old and unhelpful thought, emotion, and behavior patterns.  Kristine Huberty, LADC      

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor         CEO of The Feel Good Place 


“What can I say.  Lea Ann is outstanding at facilitating Katie's work.  She's helped me tremendously when I've been down. 

 She's deeply spiritual, playful, and can work very well with dark places as well as the subtle ones.  And, I've been around Katie's work for a long time, teach it, and write about it.”

 Ken Farber, MA         Mind Body Medicine Program for Infertility, Kaiser-Permanente Northern California


“Lea Ann is an outstanding facilitator of The Work ~ in my experience.  She is very clear herself and has got a quiet mind, so you have this sense of peace just being in her presence.  

 She knows how to be quiet, and sit with you in that silence, allowing you to have your own experience, and getting the answers from deep inside yourself. She is the epitome of a facilitator who knows how to take themselves out of the way, so you can reach your very own Self Realization.  

It is so delicious to be guided in that way, and to have someone that is comfortable with herself so much that she can sit with another for as long as it takes to find the answers from within."

With Love and deep appreciation, From My Heart” Porat Cooks, Porat’s Beyond Skin Care


"Just keep coming home to yourself.  You are the one you've been waiting for." Byron Katie


Talking with Lea Ann is more valuable than anything that I've tried to use to distract myself from what hurts me. After doing The Work together, I began to feel comfortable, safe and completely fearless and even eager to tell her everything I was afraid to tell everyone else. Depression, sickness, and anger are now completely different experiences for me, met with understanding they transform into peace and clarity. She helped me to save my life. - Kevin Will