The book to read to someone

     when you want to let them know you love them -  

no matter what. 

And have fun doing it!

                                                                                                             For children - of all ages.

I Love You When...

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Children's Book of unconditional love. Author and Illustrator Lea Ann Paradise. Each page acrylic on canvas paintings. 32 pages, hardcover with jacket. 17.99 + shipping and handling $5.00.

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I Love You When book, shipped to Europe

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I Love You When... book shipped to Europe. 

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 Donate to Children's Hospital's and Pediatrics.

I went with my friend Keri as she brought copies of I Love You When... which she donated to several Minnesota Hospitals including U of M Amplatz Children's, Minneapolis and St. Paul Children's, Ronald McDonald House, the Mayo Clinic, HCMC, and others.

  • Hospitals and doctors are using and giving books in many areas and for varied uses.  
  • To promote literacy - which is linked to better health -
  • To calm down children and waiting rooms.
  • To show parents how to act and interact with their children and others  - to name a few. 

If you want to donate this book of unconditional love to children and families in need. You can do so here. They will go to area hospitals or to any place you designate.  Decide what you want to give, click the donate button above. When you check out leave your information and information will be sent which you can use for tax planning.

1 book: $20.00

2-20 $19.00

20-100 $18.00

100-300 $17.00