The Four Pillars is Chinese Astrology - with the four components of your birth:  Hour, Day, Month, and Year -  

With this information you can learn the 5 Elements you were born with, and then learn which elements will bring balance into your life. 

You were born as one of the 5 elements - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water.

Additional elements came in with you, so you are not just one element and this chart will show you exactly which ones.

As a Feng Shui Specialist, I can show you which elements - colors, shapes, items, textures - will support you in your life. 

Achieve balance by adding the elements that are missing from your Pillars.

Knowing your Lucky elements, you can choose such things as room colors, clothing, blankets, furniture, and more.

Get a Four Pillars Chart for you and/or family members or significant other.

Are you a water, and they fire?  Interesting to see; it's not personal. Different elements have different tendencies - life is a banquet of unique expression.

Contact Lea Ann for your Chart.

Cost: $90.00 U.S.