For a number of years, I have been using the cards (of the deck of cards) as a reading deck.  I've found them consistently accurate. I'm always looking up the cards of my friends and doing readings. (based on your birthday)

  I realized it's something that I do all the time and people have begun asking me for their card information for their birthday or at other times.  

When setting up this new site I decided it's time to offer this as a service. I just love doing them. It is based on the books by Robert Lee Camp as well as books he has recommended. 

So I offer here a Cards of your Destiny reading also called Love Cards. You can learn what card of the deck of cards you are, which is called your sun card, and also which is your moon card, and what these mean.

 There is much more after that and you can choose to get a reading about you and another person which shows compatibility. What is a good time to do big changes in your life, and when not to do them.

You can learn what your card is for a given Year - a new card comes in annually on your birthday and goes from birthday to birthday.  

When my book was published for example, my yearly card was a 10 of Hearts, which is a card of 'Social Success', ten hearts - many hearts giving and receiving love. (even becoming famous :)

Cool huh?

If you want a reading for your life card and your year - call me and I can do it in person or over the phone.

Destiny-Love Card Reading

$ 63.00 USD

Cards of your Destiny, or Love Cards -

a reading using these cards.