On Mother's Day 2013: 

To me Mothers Day celebrates Love - unconditional love - it's a beautiful thing. When Luke arrived in my life - I was astonished by how I saw every thing he did as wonderful and amazing and interesting and and and! I'd been learning more about how the world I see is a reflection of me - and coming to see the parts of 'me' that I didn't want to see, and integrating it all. 

My sadness, selfishness, pettiness and so on. Then one day I was awestruck by the understanding that all the good I saw in him, was in me too! It had to be - in order for me to see it in him. It was much easier for me to see the 'shadow' parts of 'me' - and so it was such a blessing to have a child that I could see, could witness, as whole, innocent, love itself. 

Yes, my focus, attention, love, time, resources have gone in his direction, that's what seemed like the thing to do as his mom. He continues to teach me so much... about all the parts of 'me'. I continue to receive in many ways as a mom - thank you thank you thank you.

I'd like to add that many people have mothered my son, and I like Mother's Day to honor and acknowledge all of them. I remember before I had a son, I felt like a mother - so thank you to everyone who has helped out - it was not a small thing.

 I do like the 'it takes a village' - that was and still is the case. I feel grateful for the kind words, the thoughtful cards and gifts, the time, help fixing his cars, the financial help, the encouragement; all of it. Most of his life I've been a 'single mom', but you know with all the help it's not been so single after all. 

My wish is that you feel the 'mother love' that is in your heart for you.